It’s important to us to try to engage with the bigger world about larger questions asked by the work we’re making, and the bigger questions that work emerges from. This is a mostly random sampling of things we’ve said, and others considerations about us, and our work.

our writing

Relaxed Performances, a conversation with Accessible PuSh Coordinator Anika Vervecken

Siminiovitch Prize 2017 Recipient speech, Marcus Youssef

Siminiovitch Prize 2017 Protege speech, Christine Quintana

Verbatim Fragments on Memory and Loss (CTR), Marcus Youssef Memory

On the Beauty of our Perpetual Marginality,
and Why it Might be Time for All of us to Figure
Out our Position on Social Housing
(CTR), Marcus Youssef

Thank You For ComingChristine Quintana

Talking with Rachel Corrie’s Mom and Dad (The Tyee), Marcus Youssefali

Is Talk of Peace Too Cheap? (Georgia Straight), Marcus Youssef

This Moment: A Few Thoughts about the Aesthetics of Reality (Howlround), Marcus Youssef

Left and LeavingAdrienne Wong

Best In Show: Reality Theatre, Performative Authenticity, and the 2015 Federal Election, (CTR) Marcus Youssef

Briefing Notes For Hiring Committees, (Spiderwebshow) Christine Quintana

others’ considerations of our work

Memory (CTR)Pil Hansen and Bruce Barton

HIVE – clawing at theatre’s coffin in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (CTR)Darren O’Donnell Hive

Collective Creation on the West CoastJerry Wasserman

Mom, I think we need to talk … on stage (Globe and Mail)J Kelly Nestruck

other stuff we’re doing

Livestreaming Forum on Canadian Theatre  hosted by The National Theatre School of Canada

City giving new arts innovation hub $2.3-million (Globe and Mail), Marsha Lederman

Vancouver invests in stable space for arts groups (Courier), Jeff Lee

Vancouver city council approves $4.5 million in cultural capital grants (Georgia Straight), Yolande Cole