Premiered February 2011 at the Cultch, co-presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Performed by Peter Anderson, Sasa Brown, Lesley Ewen, James Long, Tanya Podlozniuk, Adrienne Wong, Allan Zinyk, Elena Anderson-Kirby, Ruby Izzat, Oscar Youssef, Veda Hille and the Bank Dogs / Produced by Adriana Bucz and Kirsty Munro / Technical Direction and Production Management James Foy / Stage Management Shawn Sorensen / Designers: Molly March and Stephan Bircher / Costume design Nita Bowerman

Presented by Neworld Theatre and the Leaky Heaven Circus. Co-Presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and The Cultch

A radical re-imagining of the Peter Pan story filtered through the collective brains of co-writers Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef, along with many of Vancouver’s most innovative creator-performers. It’s a dreamscape where Peter Pan and Macbeth drink lattes, the Lost Boys hang with Grissom and Willows from CSI, and Tinkerbell and Wendy duke it out at Skull Rock.

Peter Panties was a ground-breaking examination of the creative process, an interrogation of what it means to grow up with difference, and a wildly imagined world where fairytales, myth, pop culture and everyday life intertwine.


Read a review of the Peter Panties cast album from the Toronto Sun  or The Record, steam the music over at Bandcamp, and buy it on vinyl (so hip!) here.

Created by Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef / Directed by Steven Hill and Lois Anderson / Original Music by Veda Hille