Progress Lab, 1422 William Street.  Saturday, June 10, 8:00 – 12:00am (doors at 7:00).  Tickets are on a sliding scale $15 -$20 at

Another Window is a cabaret-style show that combines comedy, music, spoken word, theatre, and visual art. Inspired by the Bite of the Underground, Neworld’s long-lived community art event, this year curated by the Resident Producer Fay Nass, not only is Another Window in keeping with the spirit of mix genre community art, but also focuses on intersectionality in the programming. This will be a window into a cross-section of some of the amazing talent currently in the City of Vancouver that exists just below the radar.

The premise for these shows is that Vancouver is just a big enough place that most of our cultural audiences here are segmented into disciplines, genres and social identities. This event is designed to knock down these walls and build community in the process. You may come for the spoken word and leave with the music, or come for the comedy and leave with the art. You may come to support your favorite drag thing/king/queen and leave with the Persian music in your ears. Regardless, you will see brief introductions to many performers and cultural productions. You will probably not know a number of the performers at each event, but that, in fact, is the point. Our plan is for you to come out to see some things you will like, but may not already know.

This year’s host is Amal Rana: a queer Pakistani Poet and an arts-based Social Justice Educator. In a time when even exhaling while being Muslim is considered a crime, she conjures poetry as an act of collective liberation. In her spare time, she creates nefarious guerrilla art such as giant puppets of dictators while searching for the perfect biryani.  Other Guests Include:

  • Tetsuro Shigematsu
  • Edzi’u
  • Keejaa
  • Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve
  • Shay Lhea 
  • Owen

There will be wine tasting with professional wine connoisseur from Pacific Breeze Winery, and partying with a live DJ – a chance to dance, mingle and socialize.

The show will also feature craft beer from our generous supporters at Bomber Brewing (just a few blocks away at 1488 Adanac Street) and wine from Pacific Breeze (4078 Black Sage Rd, Oliver).

Each Another Window show highlights deserving local productions and artists. $5 from each ticket sold will go to Unveiled, Neworld’s associate project by Fay Nass. Other than highlighting lots of good local creative stuff, the intention here is to break even at the end of the night…. sort of like a reverse benefit.