This Spring we are producing The Boy in the Moon by Emil Sher. Based on The Globe and Mail journalist Ian Brown’s candid and moving memoir, The Boy in the Moon captures the journey of a couple raising a child with profound disabilities caused by a rare genetic disease. The production is produced in full partnership with the Rare Disease Foundation and will open at The Cultch in Vancouver (March 31-April 11, 2020) before touring to Kamloops’ Western Canada Theatre (April 15-19, 2020)

This play centres the complexity, frailty and at times, very raw experiences of a family caring for a child with a disability. Last April, we spent time workshopping and exploring the script with parents affiliated with the Rare Disease Foundation. There were two big take aways for us from this experience:

1) This play is deeply resonant for parents of neurodiverse children and children living with rare diseases; (2) This resonance has the potential to be upsetting.

It is vital to us that this story be told with and for the families that it is about and so we are working with our community partners to ensure that families raising children with disabilities, and individuals with a lived experience of disability are in the audience. Thanks to the support of our presenters, we are able to offer discount and complimentary tickets that will help get them through the door. But once they’re there, it’s up to us to create an experience that is safe and supported, one where emotional needs are met to the best of our ability.  This is a responsibility we take seriously.

The vision for The Boy in the Moon is to have emotional support available during and after every performance. Specifically, this means:

  • Emotional Support Workers in a private space during each performance to ensure that those who need to talk at any point during the show will have someone to talk to and
  • A facilitated talkback after each performance to ensure that everyone in the audience has a chance to debrief the piece and share their stories with the presence of cast members, a facilitator and emotional support workers.

To create a theatre space that makes room for everyone who sees the show to be emotionally supported in their experience, we need additional resources beyond what it costs just to make the play. Which is why we are asking for your support to raise the $6,000 necessary to provide these resources by December 15, 2019. Half of these funds will go towards hiring an Emotional Support Program Coordinator and the rest towards emotional support workers and supplies necessary to provide emotional support for our audiences for all performances.

Any donation, no matter how large or small, will help us get there. All donations, regardless of the amount, qualify for a tax receipt.  

And thank you – for your time, your consideration, your support. It truly makes a difference. 

From all of us at Neworld,

Chelsea, Matt, Sandra, Marcus & Corinna