We understand that we are living through a Climate Emergency that is the result of the patriarchal, colonial, extractivist structures that we live under. We aim to empower people and stories that positively impact our natural environment and the society we live in.

In 2022, Neworld formally adopted Climate Action as one of our Core Values. This means that climate change a regular part of the focus on every project from the outset, considering ways to reduce waste and emissions. We try our best to diminish our impact and to showcase leading voices in the Climate space. 

A few examples of our work focused on Climate Action:


We’re members of the Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency (SCALE), a ‘network of networks’ of artists and organizations working at the intersection of culture and climate in Canada.

BC Climate Emergency Campaign

We’re signatories to this campaign, a joint initiative of civil society organizations, anxious about the climate emergency, who are collaborating to increase the ambition of climate policy and action in so-called British Columbia.


In 2022, we presented the first-ever Earth Case Scenario, an evening of climate hope and action to a sold out audience to raise funds for Indigenous Climate Action. The intention was to showcase low-impact short theatre pieces that inspire hope. 


In 2024, Earth Case Scenario is back, this time focused on the importance of Resilient Neighbourhoods.

Indigenous Climate Action

Climate Disaster Project

We’ve partnered with the Climate Disaster Project and the Theatre Department at the Univerity of Victoria to create a verbatim theatre piece based on testimonies of climate disaster survivors from around the world. The intention of the project is to better understand how climate change is affecting all of us. The show will premiere at Uvic in the Fall of 2024.


Managing Director Alen Dominguez is a certified Climate Reality Leader, through the Climate Reality Project, founded by Al Gore.

How We Use Our Money

We do not hold any bank accounts in banks that support Fossil Fuel extraction. We hold all short and long-term investments in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI).

We Love Talking About It

We make the conversation about climate change a regular part of the focus on every project from the outset, considering ways to reduce waste and emissions. Got an idea that would help Neworld reduce its fossil fuel footprint? Get in touch with us!

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