“This year has been so shitty for so many of us. Artists in particular have been hit hard by government shutdowns of gatherings.  This company has kept me creatively engaged and steadily employed all year, and I just… feel incredibly grateful…” – Omari Newton (actor, writer and director)

We are nearing the end of our 2020/21 season, a season we affectionately titled “Flux” in our season booklet. It sure lived up to that title. At this point in a season I would typically be telling you about all the audiences we reached, shows we made and places we travelled. But this year, as many things were canceled as went ahead. We got really good at “unproducing” theatre.

This is our 25th season. It would have been amazing to celebrate with a big party and a huge season of exciting work. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But here’s what did happen: we paid artists. Lots of them. We made a commitment early on in the pandemic that no matter what happened with the projects on the go we would pay people. Most of them in full.  In total, we have paid $272,645 to 106 artists.

This year we invested in artists and now we’re asking you to invest in us.  Any donation, no matter how large or small, will be appreciated.

And thank you – for your time, your consideration, your support. It truly makes a difference, especially now.

Sincerely from all of us at Neworld, 
Chelsea, Alen, Yvonne, Angelica, Sandra, Raes

(March 4, 2021)