This season we have been reading and listening and sharing and talking and writing and learning a lot about the climate. We are in a state of climate emergency and it’s hard not to get overwhelmed or numbed or discouraged. What can we do to make a difference? Here are some of ways we’re taking action:


Neworld Theatre’s GHG emissions from business travel and utility usage have been offset with Carbonzero. For our 19/20 season, this covered the flights from Melbourne of our Back to Back collaborators on The Democratic Set, flights to Toronto to workshop and present an excerpt from Clean and to bring Awkward and Embarrassing Conversations to students at Lakefield College School as well as other smaller travel expenses. Together, this amounted to an offset of 37 tonnes towards the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project.



Producer Sandra Henderson attended the Artists & Climate Change Incubator in Alaska. This 5-day intensive brought together artists, activists, scientists, and educators to further their engagement with climate change through artistic practices.



We participated in the global climate strike on September 27th, 2019 by closing our office for the day and marching along with more than 100,000 fellow Vancouverites. Organized by the Sustainabiliteens, a group of teens from across Metro Vancouver, we support these youth in their demands for justice-based action on climate crisis and will continue to respond to their calls to action.



On December 20th, 2019, Neworld along with fellow Progress Lab companies and collaborators Electric Theatre, Playwrights Theatre Centre (PTC), rice & beans theatre and Rumble, hosted a gathering as part of the 2019 Climate Change Theatre Action which included readings of a few plays including Dust written by Neworld’s Senior Artist Marcus Youssef, as well as Yvette Nolan’s Breathing Space, A Letter From the Ocean by Caridad Svich and Kamil Haque’s The Olde Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.



We make the conversation about climate change a regular part of the focus on every project from the outset, considering ways to reduce waste and emissions. Got an idea that would help Neworld reduce its carbon footprint? Get in touch at