Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil

Marcus Youssef, John Murphy, Camyar Chai in Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil. Photo by Tim Matheson.

Neworld Theatre was founded in 1994 by Camyar Chai. Early work fused elements of multiculturalism with performance-styles derived from Euro-North American traditions.

Notable projects from this era: Leaky Heaven Circus, Crime and Punishment and Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil.  

In 2005, Camyar left the company and his long-time collaborator Marcus Youssef became Artistic Director, with Adrienne Wong joining soon after as Artistic Producer.

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Adrienne Wong in My Name is Rachel Corrie. Photo by Tim Matheson.

Notable projects of that period included the West Coast premiere of My Name is Rachel Corrie, the multiple company collaborative creations HIVE, HIVE II and HIVE III and Everyone, and Alcan Award winner and Magnetic North Festival commission, Adrift

The company’s first manager, Kirsty Munro, was hired in 2008. In this period, Neworld tripled its annual activities and budget and began many initiatives that are central to this day: the creation and management of shared performing arts production facility PL1422,  ongoing mentorship support to younger companies and artists, expansion of our touring network, engagement in cultural advocacy and regularly leading community programs.

Winners and Losers

James Long, Marcus Youssef in Winners and Losers. Photo by Simon Hayter.

Production highlights from this time include Peter Panties, PodPlays, Leftovers, and Winners and Losers.

In 2013, Adrienne left her position as Artistic Producer and Marcus took over as sole artistic leader. And, in 2015, Kirsty left and Matt Moreau took over as Managing Producer. With an interest in expanding our touring network, we started working with Dani Fecko as our tour agent in 2015 to increase our presence on the international stage. Since that time we have brought our work to festivals and theatres in a dozen countries and 41 cities worldwide, from Reykjavik to Hong Kong to Berlin to our off-Broadway premiere in January, 2015, at the Soho Rep.

King Arthur's Night, photo by Andrew Alexander

Cast of King Arthur’s Night. Photo by Andrew Alexander.

In 2018, in response to a continued growth in activity, we brought on Sandra Henderson as a full-time producer and Matt moved into the role of Managing Director. In September 2019, after three years of succession planning in collaboration with the board of directors and long-time strategic planning consultant Naomi Campbell, Chelsea Haberlin became Artistic Director and Marcus Youssef assumed the newly created part time position of Senior Artist. Rounding out the team is Corinna Hagel as Communications and Operations Coordinator bringing our core team to 5 (3 full time, 2 part-time), our largest staff in Neworld’s history. With our increased capacity, we are creating some of our biggest, most impactful and diverse work including King Arthur’s Night, Awkward and Embarrassing Conversations, The Boy in the Moon and Incognito Mode.