Photo by Preston Schwartz

Dear friends of Neworld,

When we care, we’re far more likely to act. And when we’re cared for, we’re far more likely to have the capacity to act.

Neworld is a non-profit society that survives and thrives on the love, support and contributions from our community. Here are some ways to care:

Read and share our e-newsletter or social media posts.

Become a member.

Volunteer for one of our events.

Make a financial contribution – one-time, monthly, sustaining – you do you.

• a $25 monthly donation will support our efforts to remove barriers to our performances by offering visual stories, relaxed performances, integrated ASL interpretation, and emotional support workers.

• a $50 donation will keep our mixed-ability LEAD Ensemble in healthy snacks.

• a $100 donation will help offset our carbon footprint as we tour, collaborate and share our work with audiences.

• a $250 donation will assist in covering child care for a working artist parent.

Sincerely from all of us at Neworld,
Christine, Alen, Angelica, and, Raes.

(December 5, 2022)

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