Nurturing A Season

This season, we have our shovels out, gardening gloves on, and manure in the backseat. Hand to earth, hand to heart, ready to make something good on the beautiful promise of this theatre community, and the beautiful lands beneath our feet.

Photo Credit: Sewari Campillo

Neworld Theattre creates, produces, and tours new plays, performance events and digital works. Our motto is ‘plays well with others’. Collaboration and working across perceptions of difference are central to our ethics and the way we work. Our programming responds to the creative interests of Neworld’s core artists and opportunities that emerge in relation to other artists and organizations.

Upcoming news

UPcoming News


Join us for an afternoon conversation where Neworld Theatre will share the process of creating a Framework of Care and we’ll open the floor for organizations to ask questions and share their experience of creating equity-based contracts and agreements. The Framework of Care was created by Neworld Theatre through Balancing Act.

March 6, 1-3pm | 1422 William st, Progress lab, Vancouver


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