Neworld Theatre is recruiting a Managing Director



Neworld Theatre is one of Vancouver’s leading and best-known independent theatre/ performance companies, and an integral part of a highly collaborative community that has evolved in the Vancouver theatre scene over the last two decades. We work in a 6000s.f. shared production hub and studio, PL1422, in the Commercial Drive area of East Vancouver. Led by Artistic Director Chelsea Haberlin, Neworld develops and/or produces 7-9 projects a year, tours nationally and internationally, and offers community engagement programs. We also offer ongoing support and mentorship to younger companies/artists who we believe in. Highlights from the past decade include: presenting our work in 50 theatres in 7 Canadian provinces and 11 countries around the world; cofounding PL1422; touring King Arthur’s Night to the Hong Kong International Arts Festival; our off-Broadway premiere; multiple local, national and international awards; and 25 years of creating work that includes a hugely diverse group of artists and collaborators.

We value connection, collaboration, vulnerability, curiosity, rigour, and humour, fun and play.

Connection.  We value the people with whom we work, our audiences, and communities.

Collaboration. We’re not interested in making shows all alone; we want to work together. We know that means that things will sometimes get messy and that we will need to engage with conflict. We think that all of that is important and will get us to much better solutions.

Vulnerability. We are committed to showing up authentically and being in dialogue about things that might feel challenging or awkward in safe and supportive spaces.

Curiosity. We know that no one has all the answers. We are committed to staying curious, exercising active and deep listening and working towards collaborative solutions with care and compassion.

Rigour. Making really excellent work; being thorough. Not rigid, but exact.

Humour, fun and play. What we don’t take too seriously (we hope) is ourselves. Humour is important. We’re making plays! We blur the boundaries between real and unreal and love having good laughs together.

Capacity. We believe that every person is very good at some things, and not so good at others. And we believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got and where they’re at. If and when we know better, we’ll try to do better.



We are seeking a Managing Director to oversee Neworld’s operations and financial management. This role has historically shifted based on who is in it and there is real opportunity to tailor the position to you.

What is essential is that the work we make be of interest to you. We develop and produce varied styles of performance. What unites it: every Neworld project explores who we are through our different perspectives, privileges, and lived experiences. We challenge existing systems of oppression by telling stories that are as complicated and contradictory as the world we live in.



  • A minimum 5 years of experience working in arts leadership, including financial management skills;
  • Enjoys working with numbers;
  • Is entrepreneurial, in the holistic sense: has ideas about how to make new things happen, and is willing to both assess and embrace risk in order to achieve them;
  • Is energetic, positive and has a strong sense of humour;
  • Values honesty, transparency and a work-environment that treats colleagues as whole human beings;
  • Plays well with others. We’re looking for someone who likes to collaborate and to do so in ways that encourage themselves and the people around them to find joy in their work. Happiness matters to us;
  • Likes responding to opportunities as they occur. While we’re pretty organized, we also practice something we call ‘responsive programming’, which means our plans can change in response to both opportunities and challenges;
  • Likes working in a collaborative leadership model. This has evolved as an important part of our organizational structure.

We don’t expect any single candidate to have all of the above skills/interests. We would like to know which are yours.


ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES include (but are not limited to):

NOTE: We are able to offer mentorship in any of these areas as needed.

  • Annual budgets & finances;
  • Administrative oversight;
  • Fundraising: Working with the Artistic Director to raise annual revenues;
  • Contracting: Negotiating and preparing presentation agreements and contracts with co-producers and presenters;
  • Human Resources: Working in collaboration with the rest of the staff and the board of directors to develop and maintain thoughtful HR policies and procedures. Working in a co-operative and vulnerable manner with staff and collaborators;
  • Partnership-building and development: Neworld has a robust and growing list of partners. Working with the rest of the staff to manage those relationships is key.



We’re also interested in what you might bring to the job. What would you want to do that may not normally be associated with this kind of management position? For example, there could be an opportunity to:

  • Participate in artistic programming;
  • Develop, oversee and participate in community engagement initiatives;
  • Work to build a more comprehensive fundraising model that delves into corporate and individual fundraising more thoroughly;
  • Bring Indigenous knowledge and ways of being into our ongoing operations;
  • Sit on the PL1422 Facility Management committee to oversee the ongoing maintenance of the building.



Neworld is currently structured as a hierarchy and this is a leadership position within a highly collaborative model. In Summer 2021, we are planning a strategic planning process where we will examine and challenge our organizational structure, create a 3-year strategic plan and develop an anti-oppression policy. The Managing Director will play a pivotal role in this process and help to define the future of the organization.



  • Start date: May 3, 2021 (Could shift based on availability)
  • This has historically been a Full-time position but could be scaled based on the availability and interest of the candidate.
  • Salary: At full time hours (35hrs/week) The Managing Director will be paid $55,000 annually, plus an extended health benefits package after the first 3 months. This salary would shift (with an equivalent hourly rate) if it was decided that the candidate wanted to work less than FT.
  • Holidays: 4 weeks (20 days) paid holiday annually, to be arranged in collaboration with the staff. Historically, two of those weeks are around winter holidays but it need not remain that way.
  • Professional Development: We pay for staff to do professional development they identify as important to their job and practice. This is encouraged.
  • Working Remotely: Due to the pandemic, most Neworld staff our currently working from home. This will be the case until BC health authorities recommend returning to the office at which time we hope the Managing Director will work from our office at PL1422 in Vancouver.



  • We aim to interview short-listed candidates in late-February 2021. Interviews will take place on Zoom.
  • To apply, please email (with the subject line Managing Director Position) to by FEBRUARY 15 2021, 5PM PST:
    • Your CV
    • A letter outlining why you want to work for Neworld Theatre and what you imagine this position looking like for you
    • Three references


Neworld Theatre was founded on the principle of diversity and anti-racism by artists of colour. We hope to receive applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, gender-identification, sexual orientation, class and physical ability (though our office is currently on a second floor, and as such not wheelchair accessible). Also worth noting is that we are a parent-friendly work place with several parents on staff. Neworld’s staff is currently, and for the first time in the company’s history, majority white and we are very interested in increasing diversity in the staff. A plurality of lived experiences and perspectives is vital to our work.

We thank all candidates for applying, but we only have capacity to contact those selected for an interview. For more information please visit us at