1. [uncountable] continuous movement and change

Our society is in a state of flux.

2. [countable, usually singular, uncountable] a flow; an act of flowing

a flux of neutrons

We are in flux. All of us. I feel it in my body and with my family and I feel it for sure with Neworld. And more broadly in our theatre community. It’s been a tough year for our industry. At the heart of our work as theatre artists is the ability to gather individuals in space. What we do is inherently corporeal. This begins with performers and creators, extends to include designers and crew and then ultimately, and most importantly, involves a live audience. None of this is possible right now.

With Neworld we’re accustomed to things changing often, we even like it. It’s exciting being able to respond to changes and ideas as they emerge. We call it responsiveness. But since March we have been asked to respond, change and evolve at a pace unfamiliar to us. And to do so through a fog of grief. The loss is tremendous. And what is the role of live theatre in all of this? What story can we reflect back to the community right now? And how can we reflect back to the community right now? So much of what we were certain of about what we do has changed.

So this season at Neworld we are leaning into the things we can do and trying not to falsely replicate those we can’t. We are strengthening and deepening our community ties and reaching further afield to build an even bigger community. We are taking action to challenge systems of oppression in all that we do and really being intentional about whose story is being told and who does the telling.  We are engaging in development on several shows that will come to light when we can be together again. We are focusing on small works with big impact. And, most importantly, we are learning how we can better care for ourselves and each other. Kindness is a valuable commodity right now.

This season booklet is by no means comprehensive or definitive. Our programming has probably already changed since this was printed. This booklet captures a moment in time. A very unique and extraordinary moment in time. Thank you for being here with us and take good care.

–Chelsea Haberlin, Artistic Director, Neworld