An elaborate agitprop theatrical collaboration where the internal contradictions and duplicitous double-speak of the “war on terror” are exposed as the propaganda vehicles for the neo-colonialism of the West that they are. “Ali Hakim” and “Ali Ababwa,” refugees from the imaginary country “Agraba,” attempt to seduce their audience into providing them with food, refuge, security, freedom and the material benefits of Western consumer society, failing miserably at every step.

Written by Marcus Youssef, Guillermo Verdecchia and Camyar Chai / Directed by Guillermo Verdecchia

Original Cast: Camyar Chai, Marcus Youssef and Tom Butler (and subsequently John Murphy) / Stage Management David Kerr / Set and Costume Design Marina Szijarto / Lighting Design Sharon Huizinga / Music and Sound Design Alejandro Verdecchia / Prop Design Rob Lewis / Signs, Graphics, and Pillowcases/ Richard Lawley / Video Andrew Laurenson

A co-production with Cahoots Theatre Projects


Premiered at the Cultch
Vancouver, BC
February 2004

Theatre Passe Muraille
Toronto, ON
February/March 2004

Montreal Arts Interculterelle
Montreal, QC
May 2004

Magnetic North Theatre Festival
Edmonton, AB
June 2004

Galiano Island, BC
May 2004

Pender Island Community Hall
Pender Island, BC
May 2004

The Metro Theatre
Victoria, BC
May 2004

Benhnke Centre for the Performing Arts
Seattle, WA
May 2004

Presentation House Theatre
North Vancouver, BC
May 2004