Premiered in 2010 at the Cultch, followed by a run in Toronto presented by Cahoots in association with Factory Theatre.

Sequel to the Axes of Evil, Ali and Ali creators turned their idiosyncratic brand of post-identity satire to the whole new world: the global economy has tanked (sort of), the President of the World’s middle name is Hussein. In Canada, the G20 debacle puts downtown Toronto under martial law, Canadian citizens are regularly deported to indefinite detention and torture, and five Arab/Muslim men continue to be held without charges and access to the evidence against them.

Created by Camyar Chai, Guillermo Verdecchia and Marcus Youssef • Directed by Guillermo Verdecchia •

Toronto Cast: Marcus Youssef, Guillermo Verdecchia, Sun-Hyung Lee and Anita Majumdar / Vancouver Cast: Marcus Youssef, Camyar Chai, Raugi Yu and Laara Sadiq