May 2003, The Roundhouse Community Centre

A modern allegory of modern geopolitics set in the first three years of the reign of Nasser E’din Shah in 19th century Persia. In a wild world of interchanging dreams and reality, courtiers, fools, politicians, colonists and a mysterious harem jockey for the ear of the young King. Set in a time when oil first became relevant in the Middle East, Asylum is a colourful, musical tale of exotic history and political intrigue.

Produced with the generous support of the Vancouver Playhouse and the Roundhouse Community Centre.

Written by Camyar Chai / Directed by Glynis Leyshon / Lyrics and Music written by Camyar Chai, James Fagan Tait and Marguerite Witvoet

Performed by Alessandro Juliani, Kerry Davidson, James Fagan Tait, David Adams, David Marr, Karin Konoval, Tom Pickett, Layla Alizada, Courtenay Dobbie, Mara Coward, Katherine Harris, Zorana Sadiq / Musicians: Hamin Honari, Mehdi Abdolahi, Amir Koushkani and Marguerite Witvoet.