April – May 2007, Open Studios

Belly is psychedelic stand-up, hosted by a comedian/sex worker with a psychic connection to Pink Floyd. Armed with jokes from the future and searching for her lost lover and comedy partner, Jules, Belly campaigns for tough-tongued humour to heal her grief and the paranormal energies in her neighborhood. Featuring Dawn Wendy McLeod in a no-holds barred performance with eccentric rockers a thousand times no providing live re-workings of classic Floyd, Belly provides just the right dose of odd-ball humour to cure Vancouver’s troubled heart.

Written and performed by Dawn Wendy McLeod / Direction and dramaturgy by Kris Nelson / Live music and sound: a thousand times no

Design by John Popkin / Stage Management Naomi Sider / Additional dramaturgy Morgan Brayton / Puppets built by Drew Facey

Produced in partnership with PACE Society, with the support of BC Arts Council. Produced in association with Brownbike Performance and Screaming Weenie Productions