Premiered at the Cultch in May 2012.

The play weaves together two stories: one from Carmen’s underground work in the 1980s Chilean resistance movement; the other of a passionate and complicated relationship with a charismatic Chicano actor, each exploring how to get what we want when no one wants us to get it. It’s a story of terror, romance, fear and abandon that takes us from the dangerous mountain passes of Chile to the dangerous roller coasters of Hollywood, from her passionate love affair with a TV star, to her passionate love for the revolutionary political movement that strove to free and change an entire nation.

Written and Performed by Carmen Aguirre / Directed by Brian Quirt / Sound Design and Composition Joelysa Pankanea

Production Design Itai Erdal / Producer Rupal Shah

Produced by Nightswimming in association with Neworld Theatre

Presented by The Cultch



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