Catalina La O presenta: Ahora Conmigo is a solo performance by JK JK. It is a comedy, a tragedy, a musical, and a love letter. It explores the life of collaborator khattieQ and female Puerto Rican singing legends Myrta Silva and Ruth Fernández, among others. Catalina is a heartbreaking and humorous story of resilience and resistance.

Co-created by khattieQ & Jenny Larson • Performed by khattieQ • Directed by Jenny Larson • Music composed by khattieQ and Anton Berríos • Producer Shanae Sodhi • Director of Photography & Editor Rob Leickner • Production Manager & Lighting Design by Zach Levis • Costume Design by Michelle Thorne • Sound Design by Erika Champion • Stage Manager Heather Barr • Dramaturg Joanna Garfinkel • Production Associate Ivy Charles • Assistant Stage Manager Katie Voravong • Camera Ryan Sudds • Produced & presented by JK JK and Shanae Sodhi • In association with PTC, the frank theatre, Neworld Theatre


  • November 19-28, 2020 • Digital Streaming (Test Performance) • Vancouver, BC


Photo of khattieQ and Jenny Larson by Erika Nix

JK JK is performance art created by khattieq (musician/performer) and Jenny Larson (writer/director). The couple creates collaboratively-devised queer performance to magnify stories of the disenfranchised and disrupt the status quo.