Livestreaming from Kingston ON in partnership with foldA (festival of live digital art), Neworld is serving up the Vancouver hub of a nationwide, livestream event. Equal parts singing, comedy, and community-building, we will join gathered groups of folks from across Canada (via the interweb) in learning a song (Hallelujah: The Great Canadian Songbook!) taught to us by Choir!Choir!Choir!, culminating in a national sing song.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 4:00 PM PST at Progress Lab 1422 (1422 William St., Vancouver). Free Tickets

Livestream Hubs in Montreal (Centaur Theatre), Toronto (Crow’s Theatre) & Vancouver (Neworld Theatre)

nb: final performance of the song will be filmed on a cell phone and uploaded to the internet.

Share the FB Event page with your pals (if you’re into that.)

Presented at foldA (Festival of Live Digital Art)
Produced by SpiderWebShow Performance at The Isabel (Kingston).
Satellite events with Centaur Theatre in association with Playwrights Workshop Montreal and PLANK (Montreal), Crow’s Theatre (Toronto) and Neworld Theatre (Vancouver at Progress Lab 1422)
Choir leaders: Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman (DaBu)
Photo by Joseph Fuda /



  • Progress Lab 1422’s main floor is wheelchair accessible, however the bathroom does not accommodate motorized wheelchairs.
  • Washrooms are gender neutral.
  • To provide a fragrance-free event, we request that attendees refrain from wearing colognes, perfumes or other scented or chemical products
  • For further accessibility info, please see the Progress Lab 1422 Accessibility Audit and Venue Visual Story.
  • If you require special accommodation in order to fully participate in this event, please message Neworld Theatre or contact Communications and Operations Coordinator Corinna Hagel at or 604-602-0007