Clean is an intimate look into what happens when female solidarity meets at the frontera between the Global North and Global South.

Playwright: Christine Quintana • Director: Chelsea Haberlin • Assistant Director: Daniela Atiencia • Translation: Paula Zelaya Cervantes • Performers: Sindy Angel, Meaghan Chenosky • Sound Design: Mishelle Cuttler • Stage Manager: Susan Miyagishima.

Produced by Neworld Theatre. Presented by Aluna Theatre. Developed with the support of the BC Arts Council and Tarragon Theatre’s Urjo Kareda Residency.

In development. Image by Christine Quintana.

How we got here

My inspiration for Clean came out of a desire to interrogate my own politics as a mixed-race Latinx and white settler woman, in the context of a largely Euro-centric art form. I often start projects by imagining the working space that it will create – in this case I imagined creating a vehicle for a Latinx woman to have a meaty, complicated role, alongside my dear friend Genevieve Fleming and directed by the brilliant Chelsea Haberlin. The three of us have been long-time friends (#matriarchy!) but have never before collaborated on a project. From these two impulses, Clean emerged. This full-length play for two women that takes place in an all-inclusive resort explores intersectional feminism, privilege, and personal revelation. Adriana is a Mexican hotel worker reeling from her father’s death. Sarah is a Canadian wedding guest with a long-held secret. A chance encounter between them triggers huge revelations for each of them. At this point of development, it’s very important for me to share my work with a Latinx and POC audience that can respond to the cultural representation in the piece. This piece explores some risky territory in the gender and racial politics between the characters, and it’s important for me to remain accountable to my community. CAMINOS is the perfect place for this exploration. We’re on the precipice of diving into this complicated project, and I can’t ask for a better room of women to explore it with. And here we are. –Christine Quintana