Spanish Translation & Adaptation by PAULA ZELAYA CERVANTES

A Neworld Theatre Production, in association with The Cultch and Western Canada Theatre

The lives of two women from very different worlds collide in the illusionary paradise of a Mexican resort. Adriana, a hotel floor manager reeling from a family loss, has a chance encounter with Sarah, a Canadian wedding guest with a long-held traumatic secret—when their worlds collide on a fateful rainy night, both women are forced to face their past and all that they’ve tried to keep hidden.

Stunning, shocking, and surprisingly funny, Clean/Espejos intimately explores different perspectives of female solidarity, secrets, and survival across two languages.

Performed in English and Spanish with dynamic surtitles.

Las vidas de dos mujeres de mundos muy diferentes se mezclan en el falso paraíso de un resort mexicano. Adriana es una supervisora de piso de hotel y está procesando una pérdida familiar. Sarah es invitada en una boda y es atormentada por su pasado. Cuando sus caminos se cruzan por accidente, ambas mujeres deben enfrentar los ecos del pasado.

Clean explora diferentes perspectivas de solidaridad femenina, secretos y sobrevivencia, de manera sorprendente y cómica.

Esta es una obra bilingüe (español e inglés) y contará con subtítulos en ambos idiomas durante la producción.

Artistic Team

Cast | Elenco

 GENEVIEVE FLEMING Performer | Actriz

Creative | Equipo Creativo

CHRISTINE QUINTANA Playwright | Dramaturga
PAULA ZELAYA-CERVANTES Translation & Adaptation | Traducción y Adaptación
DANIELA ATIENCIA Dramaturg | Dramaturgista
GAVIN CHEEMA Assistant Director | Asistente de Dirección
MISHELLE CUTTLER Sound Designer | Diseño de Sonido
SHIZUKA KAI Set Designer | Diseño de Escenografía
JESSICA OOSTERGO Costume Designer | Diseño de Vestuario
HARIKA XU Lighting Designer | Diseño de Luz
CANDELARIO ANDRADE Projections Designer | Diseño de Proyecciones
ANDIE LLOYD Surtitle Programming & Operation | Programación y Operación de Subtítulos
NICOLE LAMB Production Manager & Technical Director | Dirección Técnica y Supervisión de Producción
YVONNE YIP Stage Manager | Jefa de Piso
MARIANA MUNOZ Apprentice Stage Manager | Aprendiz de Jefa de Piso

Cultural Ambassadors | Embajadoras Culturales
Ruth Suarez
Paula Lara
Luz de Maria Vasquez
Ana Lorena Perez
Dulce Maria Zamudio

ADVISORY INFORMATION: The characters in Clean/Espejos are survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and one deals with the death and grief of a close family member. 
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Radio Aluna Theatre Studio Series podcast excerpt of Clean/Espejos is now available in Spanish & English – LISTEN BELOW. See HERE for full podcast info & credits.

Memories, fantasies, and reality mix on a rainy night at a Cancun resort. Adriana, a hotel floor manager, is reeling from the news of her father’s death. Sarah, a visiting wedding guest, is haunted by events from the past. When a chance incident connects them, the echoes of their pasts and imagined futures collide with the present, in the false paradise of the resort.

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Written by Christine Quintana • Translation and adaptation by Paula Zelaya-Cervantes • Co-Directed by Chelsea Haberlin & Daniela Atiencia • Performed by Alexandra Lainfiesta & Genevieve Fleming • Sound Design by Mishelle Cuttler • Set Design by Shizuka Kai • Costume Design by Carmen Alatorre • Video Design by Candelario Andrade • Lighting Design by Sophie Tang • Produced by Neworld Theatre • Audio version presented by Aluna Theatre. Developed with the support of the BC Arts Council and Tarragon Theatre’s Urjo Kareda Residency.



Photo Credits: Photographer Javier Sotres, Set Design by Shizuka Kai, Lighting Design by Sophie Tang, and Projections & Titles Design by Trevor Schwellnus and Candelario Andrade. Performers: Genevieve Fleming and Alexandra Lainfiesta.