Double Happiness: Detour This Way traces migration paths of two families from Southern China through Hong Kong to finally settle in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring 13 original songs by co-leading artists Nancy Tam and Only A Visitor’s Robyn Jacob, we weave through history with an art-pop aesthetic. This multimedia performance uses live music, sound design, and video vignettes to retell personal and communal stories of migration from the Chinese diaspora in a contemporary context. We are facing forward, looking back.

Direction and sound design by Nancy Tam • Songs composed by Robyn Jacob & Nancy Tam • Visual Design by Josh Hite • Lighting Design by Andrew Pye • Brochure Image Photographed by Daniel O’Shea • Performed by Nancy Tam, Robyn Jacob, Emily Cheung, Amanda Sum, Molly MacKinnon, Kevin Romain, Emma Postl, Jeff Gammon • A Nancy Tam and Robyn Jacob Production. Produced in association with plastic orchid factory, Music on Main and Neworld Theatre.


  • MAR 12-22, 2020 at Left of Main (Vancouver, BC)