A garbled transmission from our theoretical future, Dust is a plea, and a warning. In a seditious act of faith, a rogue “Person With Privilege” attempts to communicate across time and space from the year 2170. They speak to us from a world fully transformed by data-capitalism and migration into virtual space, and a world in which the Climate Catastrophe has been defeated … at an unspeakable cost.

Dust may only last a riveting seven minutes, but it draws on some complex ideas—the political, the social, and the deeply flawed human. — Janet Smith, Stir

Written by Marcus Youssef • Directed by Cameron Anderson & Chelsea Haberlin • Performed by Omari Newton • Produced by Sandra Henderson & Yvonne Yip • Story Editor Guillermo Verdecchia • Edited by Cameron Anderson • Sound Design by Nancy Tam • Costume Design by Christine Reimer • Props Design by Shizuka Kai • Sound Mixing by Ira Jordison • Lighting Technician Liz Kraft • Produced by Neworld Theatre • Co-presented by VIFF, Neworld Theatre, The Arctic Cycle & Progress Lab 1422 • Originally commissioned by Boca Del Lupo & The Arctic Cycle / Climate Change Theatre Action 2019 • Produced with the co-operation of the UBCP/ACTRA. 


Dust screenshots of Omari Newton. Trailer by Cameron Anderson.