May 2006, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby BC

Meet Jesus Murphy, the alter–ego of a gentle man with a tortured religious upbringing. In an attempt to exorcise these demons, Murphy – an evangelical atheist – incisively and hilariously tears a strip off God, fellow-Catholics, the Four Horsemen, Mother Theresa, Puff Daddy and anybody else who unwittingly provokes his ire. Except Muslims. Jesus doesn’t know the first thing about Muslims. A riotous, risky and penetrating examination of Catholic fundamentalism.

Written by Christian O’Connor / Directed and designed by Jonathan Ryder / Original Music by The Jesus Murphy Band

Featuring John Murphy / Sound design Bill Moysey / Band Members Trevor Found, Drew McCreadie, Tom Jones, Bill Moysey, John Murphy

Produced in association with (r)evolution theatre.