Premiered November 2010, Vancouver Art Gallery

An interesting and provocative question: the nature of art and the value that is placed on it. Hrothgar’s stuff is perceived by many as junk, yet when it is displayed at an art gallery, does its value change? This is an inherently political question about the nature of art making and the ways our system assigns value to cultural products.

Hrothgar’s Stuff was a performance installation at FUSE inspired by actor Hrothgar Mathew’s hoarder-like collections of everything from 1920’s bowler hats, taxidermy fish, vintage rotary telephones, and glass covers for telephone pole wires – among many others. These were organized according to tongue-in-cheek museum/gallery-like categories (natural history, weapons, basement, etc), and mounted on Hrothgar’s collection of vintage doors that had been arranged to suggest the feel of a hedge maze.

Created and Performed by Hrothgar Mathews and Marcus Youssef

Designed and constructed by Naomi Sider / Featuring Suzie Coodin and Jarrett Knowles, Oscar Youssef and Finn Rose-Mathews / Music by the Bank Dogs

Commissioned and Presented by the Vancouver Art Gallery’s FUSE