University students are, more or less, part of the first generation of young adults to grow up with internet pornography as an embedded, normalized part of their lives. How is that affecting them? What, if anything, does that mean? In collaboration with Studio 58/Langara College, we began investigating these questions through a workshop process with a small group of Studio 58 acting students and two sexual health educators in Spring 2018. Building on this collaborative, intersectional effort, project devisor and writer Marcus Youssef used the material generated by the students as the basis for an original, character-driven narrative drama exploring the personal, social, and ideological consequences of growing up as part of the first generation with unfettered and on-demand access to internet pornography.

“The thoughtfulness and honesty of the material was striking.” – Risky Nights audience member

“Such an important discussion to be having!” – ReadyRelateEducation tweet

INCOGNITO MODE: A PLAY ABOUT PORN. A generational exploration of pornography in the digital age. Directed by Chelsea Haberlin. Devised & Written by Marcus Youssef. In collaboration with students from Studio 58/Langara College.

Set and Prop Design by Lauchlin Johnston. Costume Design by Chantal Short. Lighting Design by Andrew Pye. Video Design by Candelario Andrade. Sound Design by Heather Kemski. Choreography by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg. Sexual Health Educators – Kristen Gilbert and Kenji Maeda.

Produced by Studio 58/Langara College and Neworld Theatre in conjunction with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus project directed by Dr. Shaheen Shariff, James McGill Professor at McGill University.


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