Like many outgoing young women, Fatima feels rebellious against parents she sees as strict. It just so happens that she is Egyptian-born and wears a hijab. When anti-Muslim grafitti appears on the walls of her school, Fatima transfers to a new school. The guidance counsellor there, Mr. E, does his best to help Fatima fit in, but despite his advice she starts an unlikely friendship with Jorah, who has a reputation for anger issues. As friendship blossoms into romance, they are forced to confront stereotypes, boundaries, and the consequences of their actions. Thought-provoking, comedic and sometimes dark, Jabber invites audiences to examine their own assumptions and expectations.

“I loved how the play had serious moments in it but added in some aspects of comedy and romance making it overall the best play I’ve seen yet.” – Ellena, high school audience member

“I like that it touched on the topics of fitting in, trust, and social expectations through the unique approach of a young “jabber.” (<- cool term)”  Daniel, high school audience member

“The play was unique and nothing like I have seen before. I loved the aspects of humour which I thought kept the audience more engaged. After watching this play I feel a little more educated about this culture.”  Joean, high school audience member

Jabber, Written by Marcus Youssef and Directed by Chelsea Haberlin. 

Performed by Parmiss Sehat, Nathan Kay, Brandon Bagg • Stage Management by Geoff Jones • Designed by Mishelle Cuttler, Joel Grinke, Shizuka Kai, Carmen Alatorre • Assistant Directed by Fay Nass.

Produced and presented in partnership with Green Thumb TheatreJabber is made possible by the support of the Telus Community Board, Hamber Foundation, BC Arts Council and the Province of British Columbia.



Click below for full audio of an interview with Neworld Resident Producer Fay Nass and playwright Marcus Youssef’s interview.



  • October 23-November 25 2017, Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island high school & community centre tour, BC