LANDLINE is a unique collaboration by two Canadian theatre companies from opposite sides of the country. When artists Adrienne Wong (Neworld Theatre, Vancouver BC) and Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre, Halifax NS) met, they wondered if they could make a show that spanned the nation. Inspired by the immensity of Canada and the way we use technology to break down that space, LANDLINE collapses distance between two strangers in real time.

This is a new kind of theatre. Part radio play, part walking tour, you are the audience, but you are also the actor. And your scene partner is doing exactly what you are doing – a thousand kilometers away.

With departures every ten minutes from a home base, an audio guide prompts you to drift through the city streets and to stop at a series of locations linked to your memories and imagination. You conjure another city thousands of miles away, and there find your real-life scene partner. The story invites you to begin a short conversation by text message on topics like memories, absent loved ones, and massive change. At the end of the walk, you are drawn back to home base where you will find your scene partner, this time on live video. Now face to face, how much will you reveal, and how much further will the conversation go?

LANDLINE is a pioneering Canadian work combining theatre and technology. A prototype was live tested between Vancouver and Halifax in September 2013, with a full production at the Prismatic Festival in Ottawa, and in Dartmouth in August 2014 (supported by Arts Court and STO Union) and then a tour to Halifax (presented by Zuppa Theatre) and Cardiff, as a part of Experimentica Festival, in November 2014.  The show will continue to tour internationally in 2015. The script was selected for publication in the Summer 2014 issue of Canadian Theatre Review on digital performance.

Landline was created by Dustin Harvey (Secret Theatre) and Adrienne Wong (Neworld Theatre)

For technical and show-specific info click on our downloadable tour package:

Landline Tour Package

Video by Millefiore Clarkes and One Thousand Flowers Productions
Photos by Mille Clarkes, Mel Hattie, Peter Carlone and Matt Reznek

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