In the form of a 15-round boxing match, Mis Papás is a bilingual (English & Spanish), passionate, and personal adaptation of Stella and Pedro Sr’s story, years after immigrating to Canada for a better life. A life-threatening infection rewrote their story, and put an asterisk on their “happily ever after.” Adapted from interviews with Pedro’s parents, Mis Papás is a piece of intense physical theatre with moments of choreographed boxing and unscripted sparring between performers. Mis Papás represents a story most immigrants can relate to but that is often not represented on stage.

“A wonderful account of true life in 15 rounds” – CBC

“…I want to see more storytelling like this.” – GVPTA Blog

Written and Directed by Pedro Chamale Jr / Sound Design by James Coomber / Lighting Design by Jessica Han / Director Apprentice Alexandra Lainfiesta / Stage Manager Emily Neumann / Performed by Derek Chan, Anjela Magpantay, Edwin Perez, Manuela Sosa. A rice & beans theatre production. Presented by Upintheair Theatre and Presenting Partner Neworld Theatre.