February 2009, The Chapel Arts Centre

How far would you look for childcare? How far would you travel to earn enough to care of your own family? A multi-media event, Nanay uses transcripts of interviews with domestic workers, their children, nanny agents and employers to tabulate the human cost of Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program. Taken from 15 years of research transcripts.

Edited by Caleb Johnston and Geraldine Pratt / Directed by Alex Ferguson

Dramaturge Martin Kinch / Performers: Hazel Venzon, Karen Rae, Alexa Divine, Melissa Dionoso, Patrick Keating / Sceneographer Andreas Kahre / Design Tamara Unroe / Costume Barbara Clayden / Lighting John Webber / Community Coordination Philippine

Produced by Urban Crawl Performance in association with Neworld Theatre, in partnership with the Philippine Women’s Centre

Presented by the PuSh International Performing Arts