Fall 2008

Neworld Theatre was proud to work with grass-roots migrant rights activist group No One Is Illegal, in a series of community-based theatre and performance collaborations over the 07/08 and 08/09 seasons. Working with like-minded community groups allowed us to both broaden the impact of art-practice in our community and investigate the complicated, contentious and provocative intersections between political engagement and art. The project and performances jointly contributed to bridging the gap between art and activism by bringing into focus the individual faces and unique stories of those who have gone through the migration process.

With No One Is Illegal were particularly proud to have worked with many recent immigrants to Canada, some of whom were practicing artists and all of whom felt great distance from the Vancouver professional arts world.

Projects mounted under the auspices of this program included:

Street Theatre Creation
For No One Is Illegal’s 2007 Campaign against the NAFTA-based Security and Prosperity Partnership
Directed by Marcus Youssef

Drop in Skills-Building Workshops
For the Immigrant and Activist communities. Workshops conducted have included introductions to Clown, Political Satire, Theatre of the Oppressed, Playwriting and Mask and Prop Building

Storytelling Our Lives: Stories of Migration and Displacement
‘Storytelling Our Lives’ was an exciting new theatre production that involved 5 young people of colour sharing their personal stories of immigration and displacement.

Facilitated and Directed by Carmen Aguirre