Sunday June 20th 

Neworld Theatre and Rough House joined forces with the youth of Leave Out Violence (LOVE) BC to co-produce a multimedia performance at LOVE Out Loud as part of Car Free Day on Main Street.

A bricolage of interviews and personal stories gathered from LOVEyouth, Smile! You’re On Camera was a cross-examination of surveillance, police harassment and gang violence as experienced by young people in their everyday lives.

Created by Rough House’s Candelario Andrade, Camille Gingras and LOVE participants, Amanda, Ashley, Ben, Chris, Colleen, Crystal, Daniel, Erica, Erika, Erin, Ivo, Johnny, Josh, Justin, Katrina, Kaity, Leslie, Lila, Makena, Maranda, Meghan, Michelle, Mike, Brianna, Samara, Senaqwila, Sofie, Solomon, TJ, Tommy and Tracei.