A theatrical space where Canada, the Internet and performance minds intersect. The SpiderWebShow is a new website piloting a national exploration of theatre and theatre culture in Canada.  The SpiderWebShow invites you to read about art, witness it, participate in it, and create it.  Our own Adrienne Wong is Artistic Associate and Head Researcher of the Experiments department.  Things you can see on the SpiderWebShow:

  • Weekly editions of the #CdnCult Times – an online magazine about theatre practice with contributions from artists
  • Weekly Commissions – one minute pieces by theatre artists recorded in one shot on a smart phone
  • Thought Residencies – enter your phone number and receive a thirty-second robocall from an artist
  • Experiments – these are what they sound like, forays into merging online forms with dramaturgical tools like character, plot, action and movement. Projects in the works include Stay at Home Twitter Theatre, Sonic Postcards

Pretty cool, eh?

The SpiderWebShow is produced by Neworld Theatre in collaboration with Praxis Theatre and The NAC English Theatre

You can support the SpiderWebShow. Make a donation by cheque only to Neworld Theatre at 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 2P7.

Tableau Portrait: Zadie’s Shoes, featuring Seth Galina and Donovan King. Photo by Mathieu Murphy-Perron.

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