Take d Milk, Nah? is available for streaming via PlayMe podcast

Jiv is “Canadian.” And “Indian.” And “Hindu.” And “West Indian.” “Trinidadian” too. Or maybe he’s just colonized. In Take d Milk, Nah?, Parasram blends personal storytelling and ritual to walk an audience through the Hin-do’s and Hin-don’ts at the intersections of these cultures. The show is a refreshingly candid and delightfully funny look at race, religion, and nationalism(s): what divides us—and what we’re willing to accept in the desire to belong. Oh, and there’s a cow.

Written & Performed by Jivesh Parasram. Co-created with Tom Arthur Davis and Graham Isador. Produced by Pandemic Theatre and Rumble Theatre in association with Neworld Theatre. Presented by The Cultch with Diwali in BC.