MAR 31–APR 11, 2020 as part of The Cultch’s 19/20 season at the Historic Theatre (Vancouver, BC). TICKETS

A special presentation, APR 15-19, 2020, as part of Western Canada Theatre’s 19/20 season at the Pavilion Theatre (Kamloops, BC). TICKETS

Based on Canadian journalist Ian Brown’s memoir of life with his son, The Boy in the Moon tells a deeply moving story about a family raising a child with a rare disease.

Written by Emil Sher based on the book by Ian Brown. Directed by Chelsea Haberlin. Featuring Marcus Youssef as Ian Brown. In partnership with the Rare Disease Foundation. Presented by The Cultch. Special presentation by Western Canada Theatre. Photo of Walker and Ian Brown by Peter Power / The Globe and Mail.

How We Got Here

This is a unique project in that the idea came to us from our community partner, the Rare Disease Foundation. Bill McKellin, a board member at the Rare Disease Foundation and the father of a daughter with a rare disease, first became aware of this play when it was originally produced in Ottawa at GCTC and then followed the development of the play from Ottawa to Toronto in the hopes that he could bring it to Vancouver. He contacted Sasa Brown and Stephen Drover who are both intimately involved in the theatre community and have a son with a rare disease. It was through this connection that Bill found his way to us. Over the years in our mixed-ability work we have developed close relationships with the parents of neurodiverse individuals. In this project, we recognized an opportunity to centre and share with audiences experiences similar to those of the families we have been privileged to work with. And here we are. –Chelsea Haberlin