Based on Canadian journalist Ian Brown’s memoir of life with his son, The Boy in the Moon tells a deeply moving story about a family’s struggle to raise a child with a severe disability.

Ian and Johanna Schneller’s son Walker was born with a rare genetic disorder, Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) syndrome. It made him unable to talk, eat properly, or take care of himself. The family must face questions most of us do our very best to avoid. They say things which in other contexts might seem unforgivable but here are brave and critically necessary.

The Boy in the Moon asks deep, unanswerable questions about the values we ascribe to human lives, our own, and those around us. It is a story of pain and beauty that asks vital questions about family, human strength and frailty.

“the truth that Brown learns from his son is also rare — that the life that appears to destroy you is the one you long to embrace.” —Roger Rosenblatt, New York Times Book Review

Written by Emil Sher based on the book by Ian Brown. Directed by Chelsea Haberlin.

In partnership with the Rare Disease Foundation.

In development, with production slated for Spring 2020.