Peter Panties LP


Recorded and mixed with JC/DC in Vancouver.
Mastered by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders.
Photos by Kate Henderson, whiteout drawings by Frances McDonald, bikini drawings by The Bank Dogs, design by Randy Iwata.
All songs written by Niall McNeil, Marcus Youssef, and Veda Hille © 2012 except How Many Planks? which is pretty similar to Blowin’ In The Wind by Bob Dylan (© 1962 by Warner Bros Inc, renewed 1990 by Special Rider Music) and Who are you Tinkerbell? which owes a debt to The Who (Pete Townshend, © 1978 Towser Tunes Inc)

Players: Veda Hille, Joseph Abbot, Liam HillAllan, Sky Lambourne, Zak Youssef, Dave Carswell, John Collins, Torsten Muller

Singers: Dawn Avery, Lesley Ewen, Bree Greig, Jaimie Kendal-Ward, Patsy Klein, James Long, Niall McNeil, Barry Mirochnick, Eric Napier, Stella Rae Newton, Adrienne Wong, Oscar Youssef, Allan Zinyk



Okay. Peter Panties is a play written by Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef. Niall is an actor who has grown up in the Vancouver theatre community. He has Downs Syndrome. He wanted for a long time to work on a v ersion of Peter Pan, and in 2008 Neworld Theatre and Leaky Heaven Circus got together to make the show. Niall and Marcus met every Tuesday for almost two years. Theyy talked and wrote and recorded everything that happened. They also did workshops with directors Steven Hill and Lois Anderson and other folks. I took a version of the script and lyrics to Berlin with me in 2009, and wrote most of the music sitting in a little room by the River Spree. Also while walking around trying to get my baby boy to go to sleep. In 2010 we started rehearsals in earnest. My band for the show was The Bank Dogs, who were four teenage boys. They’re practically grown up now. The actors in the show (there were many) all sang when we performed it at the PuSh Festival in 2011.

I love this music, largely because the lyrics that Niall and Marcus gave me were so amazing. I knew we had to make a record. The Bank Dogs and I went to work with John Collins and Dave Carswell in the studio in the summer of 2011. At first I thought we would make a really straight up rock album. And then the chaos was the part that was working, so off we went. We had so much fun. Niall and I made up some blues songs, and lots of people came in and sang. Afterwards we had a big party, and took the pictures for the cover. I could try to tell you about what it all means, but I don’t think that’s really my job. I’ve done my job. Best job I ever had.

Veda Hille, July 31 2012



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