Earth Case Scenario

Earth Case Scenario


Earth Case Scenario is Neworld Theatre’s offering to our community in the midst of the climate emergency. Featuring original climate-themed performance pieces created by Neworld’s staff and a fun and festive atmosphere, Earth Case Scenario aims to offer a space for action and hope amidst the grief and anxiety of our current moment. We’re well aware of the worst case scenarios facing us – but what about the Earth?

May 25, 2024 at 1422 William St, Progress Lab at 7:30pm.

Earth Case Scenario – 2022

Inspiring Stories from The Climate Disaster Project with live piano by Mary Ancheta and vocals by Manuela Sosa. ⁠
⁠Directed by Alen Dominguez⁠
⁠The Climate Disaster Project helps people who have lived through climate disasters share their experiences, creating community, and hope through stories.


Kindling by Lili Robinson ⁠
⁠Starring Lissa Neptuno.⁠
Directed by Angelica Schwartz⁠

Kindling is about Mara, a queer mother, living through the end of the world, fighting addiction in the wake of global collapse and the death of the love of her life. Inspired by Octavia Butler’s “Parables” novels and their motifs of rebirth through fire, Kindling asks what recovery can mean for a society set on watching things burn.⁠


Thin Ice by Christine Quintana

Thin Ice is a disturbing voyage across the frozen surface of a lake that provokes memories of times too hot and cold, unearths fossils and ghosts, and conjures future memories of the places we love. What will climate change look like in our most precious places, and what dreams does the future hold?⁠

Read by Lili Robinson⁠
Sound Design by Jiv Parasram ⁠


Untitled, curated by Raes Calvert

Art by Eric Button

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