Blood Wedding: A Trans Fantasia (In Development)

Photo by Kimberly Ho

Blood Wedding: A Trans Fantasia (In Development)

In a 1960s motel, a queer and trans theatre troupe enact a surreal re-telling of Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding. Combining original text and music with Lorca’s poetry, plays, and his unfinished avant-guard script, El públicoBlood Wedding is a meta-theatrical love letter to a queer ancestor. It embraces nostalgia, fantasy and pleasure, imagining what Lorca’s work could have been, if he had not been confined by the repressive sexual and gender norms of 1930s Spanish society. For What Lab’s It’s Not a Stage series, excerpts will be shown from this in-development piece.

Created by Angelica Schwartz, Anais West, and Stephanie Wong
Adapted from Federico García Lorca
Written by Anais West
Directed by Angelica Schwartz
Dramaturged by Stephanie Wong
Live music by Sally Zori & Kelsey Kanatan Wavey
Featuring performances by Camille Legg, Pedro Augusto Meza, Rae Takei, Emily Jane King, Sally Zori, and Kelsey Kanatan Wavey.

A happy/accidents production in association with Neworld Theatre.
With generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Theatre School of Canada, Deer Lake AiR, What Lab, and Tara Cheyenne Performance.


Public Excerpt Presentation Oct 7 & 8 at 7:30pm.

In development 2023-2024.

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