Blue Box

Blue Box

The play weaves together two stories: one from Carmen’s underground work in the 1980s Chilean resistance movement; the other of a passionate and complicated relationship with a charismatic Chicano actor, each exploring how to get what we want when no one wants us to get it. It’s a story of terror, romance, fear and abandon that takes us from the dangerous mountain passes of Chile to the dangerous roller coasters of Hollywood, from her passionate love affair with a TV star, to her passionate love for the revolutionary political movement that strove to free and change an entire nation.


Premiered May 2012

The Cultch, Vancouver BC


Written and Performed by Carmen Aguirre
Directed by Brian Quirt
Sound Design and Composition Joelysa Pankanea
Production Design Itai Erdal
Producer Rupal Shah

Produced by Nightswimming in association with Neworld Theatre

Presented by The Cultch

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