Division Infinity Saves The World!

Photo credit: Emily Cooper

Division Infinity Saves The World!


Richmond Children’s Art Festival, February 19th, 10:30am and 2pm Richmond Community Center Workshops, February 20-23, 2024.


By Shizuka Kai, Matt Clarke, and Keely O’Brien

Division Infinity is a class of top-secret elementary school students coming together to solve the biggest problems facing kids across the world. Today, their teacher Ms. McToria has brought them an urgent new assignment: defeat the evil Cononi-19 virus! Super-secret student agents Soda, Chiqui and Spiderwolf are tasked with creating an ultimate mission plan to end the pandemic and they need your help. Will they beat Cononi and finally bring back birthday parties, playdates, and abuela-visits? Join Division Infinity and find out! A puppet show inspired by stories, art, and puppets created by real Grade Four students reflecting on their pandemic experiences.

Want to learn more? Check out our Division Infinity Resource Guide!

Creative Team

Yvonne Yip
Shizuka Kai
Randi Edmundson
Olivia Sepahi Belanger
Melissa Oei
Megan Lane
Matt Clarke
Mary Jane Coomber
Lissa Neptuno
Keely O’Brien
Katie Wu
Jamie Sweeney
Donnie Tejani
Christine Quintana
Chelsea Haberlin
Ana Victoria Rodriguez Pérez
Ana Lorena Pérez Rolando

Show Credits:

Division Infinity Saves the World! was created by Matt Clarke, Keely O’Brien, and Shizuka Kai

Directed by Chelsea Haberlin

Assistant Director/Understudy by Melissa Oei

Dramaturged by Matt Clarke & Christine Quintana

Set Designed by Megan Lane

Costume Designed by Donnie Tejani

Sound Designed by Mary Jane Coomber

Light Design and Technical Direction by Jamie Sweeney

Puppet Designed by Shizuka Kai & Randi Edmundson

2D Puppet Designed by Keely O’Brien

Stage Managed by Yvonne Yip

Featuring performances Lissa Neptuno, Ana Lorena Pérez, Randi Edmundson, Keely O’Brien and voice acting by Olivia Sepahi Belanger, Ana Victoria Rodriguez Pérez, and Katie Wu.

Cultural Consultants Ana Lorena Pérez and Howard Dai.

Created with the support of Neworld Staff, Alen Dominguez, Raes Calvert, Angelica Schwartz, and Christine Quintana.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of Stephanie Elgersma, Peter Carlone, Naiya, Niya, Gavan, and Ajay Cheema, Aimee Mintha, Theodore Chan, Sonia Lok, Lincoln Laboucane, Ocean Luk, Carolos Victoria, Catherine Ludwig, Amanda Peacock, Joanna Takeda, Jaffna Hobbs, Mishelle Cuttler, Susan Dixon, Jared Raschke, Maria LeRose, Ann McKay Bryson, Emily Johnson, Rose Archibald, Hudson Wells and Krista Niedzielski, Mariela Shuley, and the grade four classes from Westwind Elementary and Stratford Hall. Thank you.

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