Double Happiness: Detour This Way (Satellite)

Double Happiness: Detour This Way (Satellite)

Double Happiness: Detour This Way traces migration paths of two families from Southern China through Hong Kong to finally settle in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring 13 original songs by co-leading artists Nancy Tam and Only A Visitor’s Robyn Jacob, we weave through history with an art-pop aesthetic. This multimedia performance uses live music, sound design, and video vignettes to retell personal and communal stories of migration from the Chinese diaspora in a contemporary context. We are facing forward, looking back.


Left of Main (Vancouver, BC)

MAR 12-22, 2020


Direction and sound design by Nancy Tam
Songs composed by Robyn Jacob & Nancy Tam
Visual Design by Josh Hite
Lighting Design by Andrew Pye
Brochure Image Photographed by Daniel O’Shea
Performed by Nancy Tam, Robyn Jacob, Emily Cheung, Amanda Sum, Molly MacKinnon, Kevin Romain, Emma Postl, Jeff Gammon
A Nancy Tam and Robyn Jacob Production.

Produced in association with plastic orchid factoryMusic on Main and Neworld Theatre.

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