A garbled transmission from our theoretical future, Dust is a plea, and a warning. In a seditious act of faith, a rogue “Person With Privilege” attempts to communicate across time and space from the year 2170. They speak to us from a world fully transformed by data-capitalism and migration into virtual space, and a world in which the Climate Catastrophe has been defeated … at an unspeakable cost.


December 2019, 2019 Climate Change Theatre Action reading at Progress Lab, Vancouver, BC

March 27, 2020, PGC Play Reading Relay, livestream reading

March 27-April 22, 2021, VIFF (online), worldwide film premiere


Written by Marcus Youssef
Directed by Cameron Anderson & Chelsea Haberlin
Performed by Omari Newton
Produced by Sandra Henderson & Yvonne Yip
Story Editor Guillermo Verdecchia
Edited by Cameron Anderson
Sound Design by Nancy Tam
Costume Design by Christine Reimer
Props Design by Shizuka Kai
Sound Mixing by Ira Jordison
Lighting Technician Liz Kraft
Produced by Neworld Theatre
Co-presented by VIFF, Neworld Theatre, The Arctic Cycle & Progress Lab 1422
Originally commissioned by Boca Del Lupo & The Arctic Cycle / Climate Change Theatre Action 2019 
Produced with the co-operation of the UBCP/ACTRA. 

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