Eyes of the Beast

Eyes of the Beast

Co-Created by Sebastien Archibald, Gavan Cheema, Chelsea Haberlin and Kelsey Kanatan Wavey

Premiering September 16-21st, 2024 at the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre

Eyes of the Beast: Climate Disaster Survivor Stories is a verbatim theatre adaptation of the multi-award-winning journalism by the Climate Disaster Project, a teaching newsroom based out of the University of Victoria. Pulling from hundreds of testimonies of climate disaster survivors this piece illuminates our current era of disaster with the stories of normal people living through extraordinary times. A farm flooded so badly that the farmer boats out his front door while cabbages and pigs float by him on his way to rescue a crocodile. An entire town disappeared in one afternoon by a forest fire. A hot summer’s day with heat so fierce that it kills a 46-year-old man lying in a public park. Climate disaster is not far away, not happening to someone else. It is here, now, happening to all of us. Eyes of the Beast brings these stories to life.

We’re holding auditions! Click here for more info.

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