“..a sweaty, crowded home – where you could get a drink… located appropriately enough in Canada’s poorest postcode the Downtown Eastside and, just to add piquancy, an old funeral parlour. Co-created by a collective of independent theatre companies, HIVE was promoted as a “giant, multi-faceted performance installation…[with] 11 performance cells clustered around a central bar/café.”
– Andrew Templeton

For Neworld’s piece Inside/Out, audience members were blindfolded and led through the central bar to the embalming room. Once there, they explored the principles of embalming. Primarily, how to get the insides out. Jelly donuts were eviscerated, eggs cracked and friends eulogized in a twelve-minute span.

Inside/Out’s creators: Marcus Youssef and Adrienne Wong, with a special cameo for Camyar Chai

Participating companies: Radix, Electric Company, Boca del Lupo, neworldtheatre, Felix Culpa, Theatre SKAM, Western Theatre Conspiracy, Rumble Productions, Leaky Heaven Circus, The Only Animal, Theatre Replacement


The Chapel
November 2006

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