Mis Papás

Mis Papás

In the form of a 15-round boxing match, Mis Papás is a bilingual (English & Spanish), passionate, and personal adaptation of Stella and Pedro Sr’s story, years after immigrating to Canada for a better life. A life-threatening infection rewrote their story, and put an asterisk on their “happily ever after.” Adapted from interviews with Pedro’s parents, Mis Papás is a piece of intense physical theatre with moments of choreographed boxing and unscripted sparring between performers. Mis Papás represents a story most immigrants can relate to but that is often not represented on stage.

“A wonderful account of true life in 15 rounds” – CBC

“…I want to see more storytelling like this.” – GVPTA Blog


May 11-15, 2016

The Cultch / rEvolver Festival, Vancouver BC


Written and Directed by Pedro Chamale Jr
Sound Design by James Coomber
Lighting Design by Jessica Han
Director Apprentice Alexandra Lainfiesta
Stage Manager Emily Neumann 
Performed by Derek Chan, Anjela Magpantay, Edwin Perez, Manuela Sosa

A rice & beans theatre production

Presented by Upintheair Theatre and Presenting Partner Neworld Theatre

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