Show Up for 23-24

Show Up for 23-24

Showing Up for 2023-2024 Season Note by Artistic Director Chelsea Haberlin:

For many years we were specifically told, in no uncertain terms, not to get together. Stay home. Stay Home. At Neworld, we spent that time preparing the earth, planting seeds and supporting them as they grew. We commissioned new work. We built new partnerships. We did many many workshops. This year it is time to harvest. This harvesting is a public act, one that you are integral to. Someone needs to dig their teeth into what we grew, to take it in, to let it nourish and energize them.

This year we’re inviting you to not stay home. To Show Up.

Brene Brown has beautifully articulated the transformative power of “showing up” in a way that really resonates with me and feels true to the work we do at Neworld. She emphasizes that showing up means being present, vulnerable, and authentic in our interactions with others. It’s about embracing our imperfections and having the courage to be seen as we truly are. By showing up, we create deeper connections, foster empathy, and build trust. It’s not just about physical presence, but also about emotional engagement. Showing up is an act of courage. Truly. I find it a whole lot easier to not. I just love staying home with a beer and the TV. But the truth is that when you do show up it can change you, shift your perspective and lead to more and vital connections with others. The others that we longed to be with when trapped inside, kept away, for so many years.

We are offering many opportunities to be present this year.

Show up to the Cultch, our home for new work for almost 30 years, to laugh, dig into the taboo and celebrate fat joy with the premiere of our new one person show, Fat Joke, by the incomparable Cheyenne Rouleau.

Show up to the Gateway Theatre with the kids in your life on Family Day to watch a heroic class of puppets tackle the evil Cononi-19 pandemic in Division Infinity Saves the World!

Show up to our LEAD Ensemble showcases where you’ll get a chance to experience work created by neurodiverse and neurotypical actors working together across perceptions of cognitive ability. Now in its fifth year, the ensemble is making more provocative and experimental work than ever.

Show up to Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen’s immersive audio experience, The Seventh Fire, that will be touring to audiences nationally and internationally. Inspired by ceremony, and invoking sound and story as the somatic link to ancestral realms, this project is an invitation to connect to the medicine that lives within you.

Show up to our studio at PL1422 for a variety of one night events. You’re invited to hear stories about the earth and climate change that will allow us an opportunity to grieve the communal loss we are living through while also encouraging resilience and hope with our second annual Earth Case Scenario. On December 2nd, 2023, you’re invited to Divine Figures, a Night of Glorious Fat Utopia, where you will be encourage to get your glam on and celebrate fat glory with burlesque performers and live drawing curated by Alexa Fraser. And you’re invited to celebrate Black voices at the Unbound Reading Series, where you’ll hear new work by Black authors and poets curated by Hope Lauterbach.

And, as always, there’s still lots bubbling away on the stove, not yet ready to serve. Quelemia Sparrow continues development on her epic piece of Indigenous Futurism, Tumulx. Joy Russell is in residency developing Swimming Against the Tide, an interdisciplinary performance piece inspired by two public leisure sites in Vancouver, BC, “Brown Skin Beach” and “Crystal Pool,” and the segregational policies and practices that surrounded those places; we’re in the very early phases of a new verbatim project inspired by personal stories of living through climate disasters. And our associate production, led by Neworlder Angelica Schwartz, is tackling a surreal re-telling of Lorca’s Blood Wedding through a queer and trans lens.

It may take a bit of a leap of faith to show up. It may require stepping outside the bubble of comfort. It will probably require putting on pants. But I hope you do it. I hope to see you there.

Artistic Director, Chelsea Haberlin

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