Remember November: A Time Capsule Project

Remember November: A Time Capsule Project

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s 610 time capsules, we  have invited 24 members of the community to participate in our time capsule project. For Warhol, no object had more value than any other. If something came across his path, it was worth remembering. That same value will apply here. We want to remember this year, not necessarily for the headlines and the hardships but for the particular day-to-dayness of it. And we want to do this with objects, NOT digital. Let’s take a break from that. Participants will be mailed a box and for the month of November they will put 1 item into the box everyday based on prompts. These boxes will then be mailed to Neworld (at our expense) and stored for 5 years. And here’s the best part, in November 2025, we will host a reveal party. We will come together, in person, open our boxes, share a meal, have drinks and remember November 2020. Maybe we’ll make something out of what we remember, or maybe we’ll just eat snacks. Help us remember this year the way it happened for you.

HOME EDITION: We encourage others to play along too! Select a box for your time capsule objects. Fill it up! Check out the daily posts in the video above or on our Facebook & Instagram, (from Nov 1 through to Nov 30 ). You can use these prompts to help you think about items you might put in your box. Or you can just put whatever you want. It is your space. This is an opportunity for you to remember this time as it is really occurring for you. We invite you to share with us and others your experience, as it is happening for you. We encourage you to post your stories, thoughts, photos, videos etc. directly to your social media accounts and tag us using: #neworldnovember and #neworldtheatre  We will be glad to amplify your experience by resharing on our own social media accounts, website and e-newsletter. This can also be a great way for all participants to connect with each other creating a virtual community of time capsulers.


November 2020

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