The Quarantettes Serenade

The Quarantettes Serenade

A series of free, outdoor, joyful live performance events for a year, and a time, when we need them most.

The Quarantettes are a group of musician/actors who took to the streets early on in the COVID-19 pandemic to bring good cheer to their quarantined neighbours by singing harmonies up through their open windows.

On Winter Solstice, Christine Quintana, Molly Mackinnon, Jiv Parasram & Mishelle Cuttler, took to the streets and to serenade their East Van neighbors from sidewalks and alleyways. Decked out with portable lights, musical instruments, and a story written by Marcus Youssef they played through a rainstorm, reminding us that we’re never alone (even if we feel we are) and that singing always helps.

And as we emerged out of one of the darkest winters (and years) ever, this roving band of performers regrouped as Christine Quintana, Molly Mackinnon, Sally Zori & Mishelle Cuttler to sing East Vancouver into Spring. Produced by The Chop and co-presented with Neworld Theatre, Bring in the Spring with The Quarantettes offered 24 homes a free, outdoor, accessible 15-minute serenade for folks who live alone or were in need of some hope and good cheer.

“In the early days of the pandemic, when the Quarantettes showed up unannounced and sang at our doorstep, my heart melted, and I wept. I knew I had to do what I could to ensure more folks got a chance to experience the balm of their beautiful, small show. A year down this long road, I crave their kind of live performance more than ever. Four of Vancouver’s smartest and sharpest artists, four of Vancouver’s most beautiful voices, offering what I think most of us crave more than anything in performance right now: live, virtuosic beauty, and the undeniable, necessary sensation of real human connection.” — Marcus Youssef




December 21, 2020, Winter Solstice, East Vancouver
April 2-5, 2021, Bring in the Spring, East Vancouver


Created and performed by The Quarantettes
Winter: Christine Quintana, Jiv Parasram, Mishelle Cuttler, Molly Mackinnon
Spring: Christine Quintana, Mishelle Cuttler, Molly Mackinnon, Sally Zori
Writing by Marcus Youssef (Winter), Christine Quintana (Spring)
Visual Designer: Stephanie Wong (Spring)
Stage Manager: Geoff Jones (Spring)
Co-presented with and produced by The Chop Theatre

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