The Ridiculous Darkness

The Ridiculous Darkness

A large-scale stage adaption of a multi-award winning radio text by Wolfram Lotz, The Ridiculous Darkness is a satirical modern mash-up of the classic novel Heart of Darkness and the Oscar-winning film Apocalypse Now.  When two soldiers enter a foreign (to them) land to retrieve a fellow comrade who has gone rogue, they encounter a series of local communities and inhabitants and the journey becomes an earnest – albeit hilarious – exploration of how difficult yet vital it is to understand “the other”.

“An award-winning satirical fusion of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now. The Draw: A cast that embodies diversity in race and ability, plus taiko drummers, powwow dancers, a marching band, street vendors, and a children’s choir. This is not your average night at the theatre… You want big? You want lively? You want hope in these dark times? Here you go.” – Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight, Fall Arts Picks



November 11-19, 2017

Annex Theatre, Vancouver BC


Radio play by Wolfram Lotz
Translated by Daniel Brunet
Adapted to the stage by Daniel Arnold & the Vancouver Community
Directed By Marisa Emma Smith & Nyla Carpentier
Performed by Clint Andrew, Miranda Edwards, Emilie Leclerc, Munish Sharma, Amanda Sum, & Daniel Arnold
Designed by Nita Bowerman, Shizuka Kai, James Coomber & John Webber
Production Dramaturgy by Veronique West

Produced by Alley Theatrein partnership with Neworld Theatre, with the participation of Theatre Terrific, Tetsu Taiko, Richmond Youth Honour Choir, Downtown East Side Street Market Society, Downtown East Side Vendors Collective, Afghan Benevolent Association of BC and East Van Powwow

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