The Seventh Fire (Associate)

The Seventh Fire (Associate)

The Seventh Fire is a play by Lisa C. Ravensbergen that is filmic in nature and mythic in proportion, sourcing traditional, oral Anishinaabe stories and societal roles as a way to explore ceremony in the everyday. Set in the present, past, and future, it tells the story of a woman’s return to the Ojibwe community she believes has rejected her. She discovers her destiny is tied to prophesy when she becomes pivotal to the community’s survival.  The Seventh Fire takes place in four time signatures, and above and below the earth, as sisters Daanis and Nimise, and grandmother Nokomis reach through time and space to be together where the horizon and land meet.


Premiere November 2019

The Annex Theatre, as part of the SeeMore Theatre Series


Written by Lisa C. Ravensbergen
Project Facilitated by Lisa C. RavensbergenLaura McLean, and Christine Quintana

Produced by Delinquent Theatre in association with Neworld Theatre

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