Tumulx – In Development

Photo credit: Pedro Augusto Meza

Tumulx – In Development

By Quelemia Sparrow

Tumulx by Quelemia Sparrow is a new piece of Indigenous Futurism that envisions a future where Earth, tired, hot and desperate for salvation, begins to reach out to those she can trust, those with ancient bonds and lineages she believes to be dependable. They work together in a rebellion made of human and natural strategies to save the planet. It tells the story of a world where Indigenous nations globally once again become truly sovereign stewards of the land and this courageous leadership saves the planet.


This year Quelemia Sparrow will be developing Tumulx at Banff Centre as a part of the Slaight Theatre Creation Residency and digging into some tech experiments at the Frederic Wood Theatre through a fellowship with the UBC Department of Theatre and Film.

  • Slaight Theatre Creation Residency November 19-December 3
  • UBC Fellowship January 8-19, 2024


UBC Fellowship Workshop Creative Team: 

Creator & Writer: Quelemia Sparrow 
Neworld AD & Collaborator: Chelsea Haberlin
Sound Designer: Edzi’u 

Chimerik 似不像 
New Media/Projection/Lighting Designer: Vanka Salim 
New Media/Projection Intern: Rosalina Libertad Cerritos

Ava Safai 
Belen Quirce
Gabrielle Nebrida-Pépin 
JD Montgrand
Kelli Fox
Karthik Kadam

Photographer: Pedro Augusto Meza

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